What is Indecent Theology? Why Indecent?

Indecent Theology is a project on theology and sexuality which arises from Latin American Liberation Theology. Its aim is to continue with the method of 'doing theology' or 'action-reflection-action.'

Its starting point is a suspicion on the ideological use of traditional understandings of the category of Decencia/Indecencia (Decency/Indecency) in the Latin American cultures, and specifically in Argentina.

Decencia is a concept that traditionally has implications of honesty and truthworthiness for men (especially in economic transactions) but for women, it is a different story. Decencia for women in this context implies a complex set of regulations of sexuality (as in sexual options), the dealings with transgressions of expected behaviour according to age and civil state, but also a complex web of expectations based on gender perceptions and sexual understandings including codes of dress, mobility and hairstyle. It gets further complicated with economic issues but also with race. Somehow poor women are more prone to be considered indecent than wealthy ones. If they are indigenous or black women, this adds an extra category of indecency , that is, of oppression.

Decency and Indecency are therefore gender/sexual/ racial/economical categories of defining 'normality' in people's lives and in society. What is expected and proper. But what is expected and considered proper for Latin American women  to be 'decent' masks a multitude of oppressions.

Liberation Theology has help us to unmask political interests mascarading as "God's will" in theology. This is called 'ideological suspicion' in theology. To this political suspicion we are adding now a combination of suspicions in the making of theology: political,economical, racial. colonial and also sexual. The use of these suspicions when we read the Bible or when we reflect on the way that theology tells women what is sin, for instance, and the consequences of  that, is a subversive act that I call Indecency.

Indecent Theology is a theology which starts with people's lives and critical experiences without censorship. It is a theology which tells people to come as they are, and to come out of the closets of their sexuality as lesbian, gays, transvstites, transgendered, bisexuals but also heterosexuals. Heterosexuality is also a sexual ideology. It does not come from God but it has been used in theology in an artificial way and in a Western, white imperialist way. For there are many cultures who define sexuality and relationships in many different ways.

The Hermeneutical circle of Indecent Theology: